Welcome to The Light Orchard:ON DEMAND!
Welcome to The Light Orchard:ON DEMAND!

Welcome to The Light Orchard:

If RAD MUSIC and KICK ASS YOGA had a baby,

it would be named THE LIGHT ORCHARD!

OVER 450 classes on your computer machine!!!

Anytime, anywhere.

These classes are LIVE! I'm in it with you!
These classes are LIVE! I'm in it with you!

All live Zoom classes are TWO WAY communication, not simply streamed. I'm watching the students on a humungous monitor during class so I can see what's happening and make corrections and suggestions in real time.

Everything's ON DEMAND! Practice whenever you want.
Everything's ON DEMAND! Practice whenever you want.

All Live Zoom classes are recorded and then put up on THIS site within 24 hours for you to dive in whenever you want.

Try new styles and classes
Try new styles and classes

From flow to hatha to yin. Any length of class that fits your schedule. Anywhere from 20min burners to 75min flows.

Switch your instructor up as well
Switch your instructor up as well

Want to switch vibes? We got you. Erin has over 40 "Slow and Steady" flows waiting for you ON DEMAND.

Where do you want to go today?

Pick from a variety of different types of classes. From restorative yin to "holy crap, what just happened!"

TLO Flow

This is the flow du jour! Whatever I'm feeling on the day, we go for. An intuitive vinyasa that is created breath to breath. A dance without any other destination other than feeling freaking awesome when you get off the mat. Full awareness to movement and how we align ourselves with our breath. This is a 60min class with music.

Fridays at 9am PST

Rip Your Head Off!

This is an ass kicker, holy crap, rip your head off, sweat your ass off, rock out, vinyasa flow mixed in with a bit of HIIT training (high intensity interval training). It then closes with some gooey stretchy yin vibes at the end. All wrapped up in a 60 min class.

Saturdays at 8:30am PST

TLO Mixtape

Mixtape is a mix up of Vinyasa flow and Hatha yoga. While connecting movement with breath, the main goal is to take the work out of the hands, wrists and shoulders. No up dogging or down dogging on this one. With focus on stillness through longer holds in standing postures. Plenty of sweat and easier on the arms.

Wednesdays at 7:30am PST

Church of...

Less talk, more rock! A 60 min flow celebrating a mix of songs from the selected iconic artists. 20% of all church proceeds go to Little Kids Rock - an organization that offers music education and instruments to underprivileged youth across America. Our class alone has paid for over 200 kids' music education for an entire year. Let's keep up the good work!

First Sunday of every month 9am PST

TLO Live 45

This is a 45 min Vinyasa flow. It's a true Vinyasa: one movement to one breath. A lot of breathing and a lot of moving. It's then finished with a 5 min meditation at the end. Yoga and meditation in under an hour... let's do this.

Thursdays at 7:30am PST

TLO Cover 2 Cover

Get into a 60 min flow class set to the album of the day from start to finish. I believe listening to a record from start to finish is a journey created by the artist. There's a story to be told. I want your practice along with the album to be a journey for you as well. I keep my yapping to a minimum so I can get out of the way of the music and your experience with it.

3rd Sunday of the month 9am PST

TLO Slow and Steady

Erin takes you through a 60 min flow with a mindful, relaxed pace that will allow you to focus on your breath and help you build strength in every area of your body. This grounding practice will be a balance of effort and ease, strength and grace, movement and stillness. Erin's gentler yin to Dalton's "spirited" yang.


Under an HOUR!

Don't have a lot of time? I got ya! Classes from 20min to 45min. Burners, straight down the middle, just want to stretch a bit... they're all here.


Yin / Restorative

Stetchy gooey yin classes. Restorative postures, longer holds and all kinds of surrender. You'll never be standing on your feet. These classes utilize gravity and softening to get the job done. Light some candles, dim the lights and get gooey.


Something for everyone!

Different subscriptions for different "relationships".

Save a bunch of dough and take the plunge with the annual subscription.

Get with the monthly if you have commitment issues and just want to date TLO. Or...

Let's do the TLO 4 EVA and see each other on a very regular basis.

THE LIGHT ORCHARD is always with you!

Wherever you find yourself with an interwebs connection, TLO will be at your service.

Practice on any screen, anytime!

TLO ON DEMAND works across every device.

From your computer machine to your cell phone.

We got you covered.

watch on your mobile

Practice anytime, anywhere

The Light Orchard is waiting!!!